Model libraries

In addition to the macros, Lixoft is providing model library to simplify the use of the software by decreasing the necessity of coding.

PK/PD model library

These libraries provide all the classical pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic models. The pharmacometric models allows to model several types of administrations (IV bolus, infusion, zero and first order absorption), any number of compartment (between 1 and 3), several elimination process (linear and Michaelis-Menten), and to manage lag-time. In addition, the some usual pharmacodynamical models are proposed.
To see the compete description, see here.

Target-mediated drug disposition (TMDD) model library

An introduction to the TMDD concepts, the description of the library’s content, a detailed explanation of the hierarchy of TMDD model approximations, and guidelines to choose an appropriate model is proposed here along with the model library.
The library contains a large number of TMDD models corresponding to different approximations, different administration routes, different parameterizations, and different outputs. In total 608 model files are available.