Mathematical functions in Mlxtran

The following usual mathematical functions are available. They perform scalar operations, either on integers or real numbers. These operations are performed using a double precision for their floating-point implementation.

Function Syntax Remarks
Smallest value min(a,b)
Largest value max(a,b)
Absolute value abs(a)
Square root sqrt(a)
Exponential exp(a)
Natural logarithm log(a)
Common logarithm log10(a)
Logistic function logit(a)
Inverse of the logistic function invlogit(a)
Probit function probit(a) Aliases: norminv, qnorm.
Normal CDF normcdf(a) Alias: pnorm.
Sine sin(a)
Cosine cos(a)
Tangent tan(a)
Inverse Sine asin(a)
Inverse Cosine acos(a)
Inverse Tangent atan(a)
Hyperbolic Sine sinh(a)
Hyperbolic Cosine cosh(a)
Hyperbolic Tangent tanh(a)
Four quadrant inverse tangent atan2(a,b)
Logarithm of gamma function gammaln(a) Alias: lgamma
Downward rounding floor(a)
Upward rounding ceil(a)
Factorial factorial(a)
Logarithm of factorial factln(a)
Remainder after division rem(a)