Input definition

The [LONGITUDINAL] section starts with the declaration of its inputs. These parameters can come from:

  • the calling software: Monolix, Simulx or Mlxplore
  • the outputs of the section [INDIVIDUAL],
  • the parameters defined in the section <PARAMETER> .

For Monolix all parameters in the input = { } list define the parameters that are estimated or used as regressor variables.  Notice that outputs from the [COVARIATE] section can not be used as inputs for the [LONGITUDINAL] section.

For example, for a model where a function f depends on a vector of input parameters \phi=(ka, V, k) and a fixed constant D is defined:

f(t) = \frac{D, k_a}{V(k_{a} - k)}(e^{-kt} - e^{-k_{a}t})

The input is defined in the following

DESCRIPTION: Model description with an analytical expression 
input = {ka, V, k}

D = 100
f = D*ka/(V*(ka-k))*(exp(-k*t) - exp(-ka*t))

Notice that, in this example, the parameter D is a fixed constant of the model and is thus not defined as an input.