Overview of macro input elements


The goal is to propose an overview of macro input elements as proposed in the following table.

Several points have to be noticed

  • Macros are used in the PK: section of the Mlxtran model
  • Parameters for a macro call are matched by name, not by ordering
  • Default values are given in brackets: for example (0)
  • Before concentrations can be used the volumes MUST be defined
  • adm and type are equivalent


Macro input parameters Macros
Administration Compartment Process
Macro depot iv oral or absorption compartment elimination peripheral transfer effect
Identifier adm (1) adm (1) adm (1) cmt(1)
Target target cmt(1) cmt(1) cmt(1) target compartments are defined by indices from(1) to (1) cmt(1)
Rates Required ka or Tk0 k or Cl or Vm, Km (k12, k21), (kij, kji) or (k_i_j, k_j_i) kt ke0
Optional ka or Tk0
Tlag (0)
Ktr, Mtt (0)
Tlag (0) Tlag (0) or
Mtt (0), Ktr
(k13, k31)
(k23, k32)
Bioavailability of fraction of the dose absorbed p (1) p (1) p (1)
Volume volume (1) volume (1)
Concentration concentration concentration concentration
Amounts amount amount
Explanation No need to define compartments.
Used with ODEs
Target compartment must be defined first
Rate or Tinf are taken from data set
Target compartment must be defined first Defines compartment and process at the same time